HIS 3626 – Introduction to Secondary History Education

I found the unit on Understanding by Design the most helpful as it can be applied to whole curriculum. The Understanding by Design changed my whole view on teaching.

Very helpful and knowledgeable about what teaching history/social studies will really be like.

Organized, clear goals for each lesson, and helpful feedback provided.

(In response to COVID-related switch to online learning): Listened to students’ concerns and provided explanations in class or via email (after classes moved online). The switch did not impact the effectiveness of this course.

Made me feel like I am an important part of the History/ Social Studies Ed program and the History Department, and that I’m valued.

Not a single assignment was a waste of time! Loved the class!

HIS 3310 – Sports & the Making of the Americas

The App State soccer reading was by far for me the most interesting read. To think App State essentially had the greatest Division I soccer player in NCAA history play on our campus, and there seems to be no sign of his existence.

I enjoyed the week that we discussed gender in (American) sports history. This is something that I am most interested in so I think that is why it stuck with me the most. There is so much information on this subject about every sport that I think it could be talked about for a whole semester.

The articles discussing Argentina and Brazil’s complicated relationship and everything related to discrimination stuck with me, because it’s fascinating to see history through the medium of sports.

I enjoyed learning about the history of sports in the Americas and how they impacted the world. I had never thought about sports in this way.

HIS 3630 – Teaching History with New Media

The course’s inclusion of digital photographs in the classroom showed how useful it is for students to see as many images as they can, and to incorporate primary sources in a history class as a must.

I wanted to learn new ways to bring history to where the public is, and this course showed that project or game-based learning is very effective.

The Omeka assignment in HIS 3630 showed how I need to become more comfortable with the medium of digital history in an increasingly technology-driven field of public history.

Being introduced to new platforms and new ideas/concepts was great. One specific example is Zotero. I had used it once before years ago, but I didn’t understand how useful it could be … and now I can never go back to not using it!

HIS 3630 provided familiarity with the technology and concepts dealt with in class, as well sparked an interest in learning how to actively help 9-12 students learn how to use new technologies and approaches in history.

HIS 5595 – Digital History

I enjoyed class sessions – they were a good mix of instructor-guided information and letting students experience the material on our own. Digital history seems like a very difficult subject, but the course handled it very well.

Amazing! After my time in IT, I might want to pursue digital history- or at least have it as a hobby.

(Instructor) Extremely knowledgeable in the field of digital history. He knew his subject well and was eager to teach us, in and out of class