Areas of Research

Modern Latin American history, twentieth-century Argentina, popular culture, sports history, digital tools and new media in the teaching and learning of history

Current Research

  • Ongoing: Analyzing soccer’s impact in the construction of identities (national, masculine, regional) and politics of respectability, with a particular focus on questions of public behavior and concerns over Argentina’s international standing (1920s-early 1970s).
  • New: Examining the role that sports and leisure played in the formation of civic identity in Costa Rica’s central valley between 1870 and 1970.



Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Fútbol— in progress.

  • “Anxieties in the Sports Pages: The ‘Crises’ Narratives of 1950s Argentine Fútbol” (pending review)
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  • Pibes, Cracks, and Caudillos: Argentina, the World Cup, and Identity Politics” (co-authored with Charles Parrish), Soccer & Society, vol. 15, no.5 (September 2014), 655-670. [This article also appeared as a chapter in Legacies of Great Men in World Soccer, Kausik Bandyopadhyay, ed. (London: Routledge, 2016): Chapter 3.]

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